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Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies

When most people think about agriculture, they might only envision farming or ranching. But modern agriculture and its associated sciences touch every aspect of American society – from health and safety to security and environmental sustainability.

This sector can be broken down into four specific clusters:

  • Agriculture Support: Veterinary services, animal sciences, equipment operators/mechanics, forest & conservation workers and pest control.
  • Agriculture Production: Includes crop, vegetable and animal farming, poultry & egg production and aquaculture.
  • Agriculture Wholesale Trade: Sale, administration, operation, management, production and support of wholesale endeavors within the agriculture sector.
  • Agriculture Water and Environmental Services: Irrigation, hazardous materials workers, septic servicers/cleaners, inspectors and environmental science and protection technicians.

Because of agriculture’s importance in every society across the globe, more people are employed in this job sector than all other occupations combined.

Of course, with its diverse climates and unique conditions across the state, California is a national leader in agriculture. Which means we’re always trying to find new and more efficient ways to grow the food that nourishes our nation and the world at large.

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