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Information & Communication Technologies & Digital Media

There are few industries as dynamic, fluid and exciting as Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media. Every technology, industry, and job employs ICT and Digital Media in some fashion. Think of it as encompassing all converging computer, software, design, networking, telecommunications, Internet, programming, and information systems technologies.

The sector represents a mix of three industry clusters:

• Hardware – computer, peripheral, networking and related equipment.
• Software – operating systems and applications.
• Services – bundled hardware, software and other services to deliver solutions to business and consumer customers.

Information Communications Technologies have permeated every aspect of life – how people work, communicate, organize and manage their lives, and more. ICT is transforming our world every day, and many companies in California are global leaders in this dynamic and quickly evolving space.

If you have a passion for computers, tech, digital media, and how people use them all, this exciting career path might be the one for you.

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